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Change into a freaky woman - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I've been having these dreams lately. In my dreams I'm always a girl (I'm a guy in real life), or I start out a guy and end up changing into a woman. I always look the same when I transform too. And when I transform, I try to make sure no one else finds out who I really am because I feel I will be made fun of for not being a guy any more and people might look at me as a freak.

THE REALITY The dreamer often dislikes the worst tendencies within men especially the naturally arrogance, macho-wannabe, and other negative tendencies. The dreamer tends to have many more females as friends than men. He is not homosexual.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Men changing into women and women who are male characters in dreams are actually quite common. These sex change dreams do not link to sexual issues in the most part. In this case the dreamer had no issues about his sexuality. He did rather dislike the worst aspects of men in general. His friends were mostly women so its a dream about him cherishing his feminine side.

Being a man with lots of girls as friends he maybe often felt embarrassed to be male if a man had behaved badly. He may listen to lots of stories about the behavior of bad boyfriends who treat his friends like dirt. So he would try to disassociate himself from such male behavior.

It is pointless looking for extreme explanations to dreams when simple ones exist. The dreamer was proud of his feminine side. He was happy to spend time on his appearance. This dream does not mean he wants to be a woman. In reality we all have a male side and we all have a feminine side. Its just about the proportions. But our male side and feminine sides are not really linked to sexuality. They are about our personality.

Many people would see such dreams as a possible homosexual tendency within the dreamer. Maybe they have a side that they do not like to admit. But if the dreamer has no issues as far as that is concerned then do not try to impose some meaning that is not there. Subconscious feelings will include things that we do not like to admit. But this dreamer has no issues. Dreams symbolise our emotions so look for evidence of emotions that match your dream symbols.

Men tend to represent aggression. That is good in some respects. It links to assertiveness and determination. Resolve is always a good tendency if its kept under control. Women link to female tendencies. Women tend to be better at communication and also tend to be more in touch with their intuitive emotions. They sense things whereas males tend to use rationality.

Male and females both have good stereotypes and bad stereotypes. Women tend to be more passive whilst males can be over aggressive and stubborn. Its a matter of striking a balance.

In this case the dreams may not just be about his own male and feminine sides. It maybe more linked to having to deal with being a male with mainly female friends. If he is ashamed of his sex change in the dream it may show that he is trying to fend off comments about his sexuality. He likes his own feminine side but we all face pressure from other people. Both males and females can turn on someone if they show signs of being gay. Its not so much of him dealing with his own personality. He is happy in himself. Its more about how other people deal with his personality. Some people do not like men showing too much emotions or taking excessive interest in their appearance.

In reality we all tend to act in a feminine way in some situations yet in other situations we act in a male way. These dreams deal with a variety of responses that he faces. Even males with highly developed feminine sides will occasionally tend to dismiss and hide their own feminine side. It all come down to the situation. A male may want to generally express his feminine side but if he is in a situation with his grandmother then he may feel immense pressure to show his male characteristics.

In reality we all have a male and female side and dreams like this are about the constant battle between the two sides and the pressure of other people.

Symbolic Meanings
PEOPLE : "standards of behavior - the dreamer does not like male macho tendencies"
WOMAN : "the dreamer turns into a woman because he is happy showing female characteristics such as good communication and a wish to explore his emotions"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am not gay but sometimes I hate male tendencies. I like to express my emotions."

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