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Arrest warrant dream

Dreams portray the reality of our emotions. This dreamer was worried why he could not get another job and so the dream portrayed his worst fears

THE DREAM - I was not able to get a job because when they did a background check I had a 'Warrant for Arrest" for being a deserter??

THE REALITY The dreamer was unemployed and was wondering what could be stopping him getting a job. He wondered if he had a bad reference from a previous job.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are linked to problem solving and analysis. So if the dreamer cannot get a job he will wonder if something is wrong. To have a dream like this does not amount to paranoia - its just about the need to get everything perfect.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
ARREST WARRANT: Evidence of a previous crime would stop someone getting a job. The dreamer was worried that something like this was affecting his chances of getting a job

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "I am unemployed and just cannot get a job. I just worry if something is causing me a problem. Maybe I have a bad reference or something that is just putting everyone off"

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