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Never aged dream

THE DREAM I was near my childhood home. A soccer ball had rolled down the hill and I went over to stop it going onto the main road. I would not run normally as I am not so young any more but I did run. Later I saw someone called Mark who used to live next door when I was young. I realised that he was still the same age as before. I asked him "How come you are still the same age and I have aged so much."

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was worn down and tired at the time of the dream. He was really feeling his age.

DREAM ANALYSIS: This dream probably has a simple meaning revolving around the dreamer feeling his age. However, its a complex metaphor. The dream features someone from his youth who has never aged. The dreamer is looking on in wonder and amazement. This suggests a thought like "I really am getting old. I feel the same within myself. Emotionally I am still the same person but my body is just not working in the same way." The dream hints at how the dreamer is relating to these changes eg "It's amazing really. I do not know why we get old. I still feel young and want to be able to do the things that I cannot do."

Note that the dream features him doing the things that he did when he was young such as playing with a football in a most athletic way. The dream was probably triggered by him trying to something he used to be able to do easily but which age now stops him.

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