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Dream - Millionaire in news

THE DREAM - I was in the street next to where I lived a as a child. There was this millionaire person there. He did not seem like a millionaire. He was rather fake and pretending but yet he was a millionaire. He was getting his story in the newspapers and people were really interested in him.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamers ex had been working in the same building as the dreamer. She had worked there before but this was the first time they had worked in the same building since the break up. She just ignored the dreamer and didn't even care where he was. She seemed oblivious to everything that he did whilst he was watching everything that she did.

THE INTERPRETATION Once you understand how dreams work and the types of issues that trigger them then its easy to understand the symbolism. If something big happened the day before then it will almost certainly trigger a dream since this is the first time that your mind has focused on that issue. The day before this dream the dreamer had been working in the same building as his ex. In his own life this issue was "making the headlines" so its easy to see how the newspapers headlines symbolism works.

The symbolism of the millionaire also seems easy to understand. A millionaire is full of his own self importance and is used to people talking about what he or she does. This hints at the dream catching a thought like "I expected her to be talking about everything that I was doing and saying. Yet she seemed oblivious. She just got on with what she was doing."

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