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Studying old newspapers - dream analysis

THE DREAM I was a student at my college. I was studying old newspapers. I had memorised the headlines from all these old papers and was an accomplished student. Yet I could not see the print.

GUESSWORK The day before the dreamer had received a letter from his history society thanking him for all he had done. He had recently had to resign due to ill health.

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1. OLD NEWSPAPERS. The dreamer used to look through old newspapers as part of his interest in local history. This had now stopped because the dreamer was having problems with his eyesight.
2. CANNOT SEE. If you are suffering problems with your sight its more likely that a dream where you cannot see is quite literal. It's simply about some aspect of your loss of vision. This made the dream straightforward. It's a dream which links to some thought or emotion about his sight loss.

The day before the dreamer had received a letter from the local history society thanking him for all his work. The dream did remind him of his time helping the history society. The dream also deals with the sight loss. So it's very likely that the dream captures an emotion like this "That letter I received really showed how much they appreciated my help."

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