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Dream analysis about dangling from church spire

The dreamer had just gained promotion. Its likely that the stress in the dream was simply carried over from the previous day as he was getting used to a new work situation

THE DREAM I find myself in an old colonial neighborhood (you'll understand if you have been to the western parts of India). I am strolling in a market. Suddenly I find myself perched upon the spire of a church like building, almost dangling for life. I could see the world around me and my heart was pounding. I start scanning the ground for help and to my surprise I see my manager signalling me to jump down, assuring me that he'll catch me. I was so high up on the building that I could not hear him but only see him signalling me to jump. He seemed very sure and he was even munching a sandwich.

Somehow I couldn't trust him, so I began a perilous climb down the sides of the wall. I remember a few sections of the wall where the descent became particularly difficult. I remember muttering a prayer and lowering myself a step at a time. I finally reached a safe distance off the ground and simply jumped off safely - again thanking Jesus in my native tongue.

THE REALITY The dreamer had just gained a promotion. But many people at his workplace were saying that he gained the promotion because he was favored by his boss. One of the dreamers main rivals was even now directly responsible to him. So the dreamer was really going to have to prove his abilities. His new job was not going to be made easy.

DREAM ANALYSIS Many dream which feature your boss will actually symbolise some work issue that is on your mind. dream link in with recent events and feelings so look for the issues that are dominating your mind at work. If some work issue is nagging away at you then its likely that the dream is about that. The dream will symbolise your thoughts about this issue.

The dreamer was in an awkward position at work. He had gained promotion yet some colleagues felt he had been favored. He knew he was going to have to prove himself and convince others of his worth. His colleagues believed that he was favored but the dreamer himself did not see this was so clear cut. On several occasions he had been looking for support from his boss but had not received it.

Markets are places where we pick up bargains and in this dream they maybe symbolise the ease with which the dreamer achieved his promotion. He had achieved this in some peoples opinion too easily. It was due to favoritism.

Churches symbolise great beliefs. In this case they maybe link to the great belief amongst several people at the dreamers workplace that he had achieved this promotion because of favoritism. He knew that on the ground he would not be given an easy time by rivals. That is symbolised here by his difficulty in getting to the ground in the dream .

In the dream his boss does not go overboard to help him and that maybe links to his own doubts about his boss. He had received his help in getting the job but he had been warned by others not to trust him blindly.

Religion and Jesus are also major symbols here. Jesus was a teacher who had to go out into the world and convince many people who were sceptical He symbolises how the dreamer had this same need to convince sceptical people of his own ability to do the job.

Symbolic Meanings
CHURCH : "things which people believe in - having to overcome the belief that he has been given the job because of personal contacts"
COLONIAL : "taking over territory which someone believes is theirs by right"
MARKET : "achieve something cheaply and without much effort - its believed by others that he got this job without putting in the effort "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have just gained a promotion. But everyone is saying that I got this because I was favored by the boss. Now I have got to go out and convince everyone and its not going to be easy"

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