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Magical stories - dream analysis

THE DREAM I dreamt that children were writing these stories . It reminded me of school when a teacher got us to write stories about ourselves and we ended up giving secrets away. It helped me really explore my inner feelings. My story was that I was going to die. There was also where I was thinking about magic and adventures which were clearly fake and clearly trying to con you. I didn't care for as long as it gave me pleasure I was not bothered.

REAL LIFE The dreamer was increasingly tired and suffering. He was often thinking how his life was over. He was retired and had previously spent his time studying. Now his eyes were in a terrible state and he simply had to fill his time with friends. He tried to spend as much time with talking with people as possible. Previously he had been more intellectual and introverted. Now he could barely read and so had to try to meet people in order not to get bored.

DREAM ANALYSIS The basic themes of the dream seem relevant to the dreamers situation so it seems likely that the dream is about the dreamers health and psychological well being.

The story that the dreamer revealed showed that he was going to die. This is an extremely bleak story but it fits in with the dreamers state of mind. He was pessimistic because of health issues and was having to curtail many of the pastimes that used to give him pleasure.

A second theme of the dream involved adventure and pleasure seeking. That was very relevant to the dreamer at the time as he was trying to fill in his time in order to stave off boredom. He would do anything and everything to fend off boredom. The dream hints at this feeling as the dreamer did not care if this magic or adventure was real or faked. In real life he simply wanted to fill in his time with any mindless pleasure pursuits.

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