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A tornado dream and its symbolic meanings

THE DREAM I had a dream that I was at my house and there was a really bad storm outside, I looked out of my window and I saw a tornado down the road. In our house, we have a storage thing under are stairs, and I was frantically trying to get al the coats and stuff out of there but it was taking ages, I looked out of my window again, and the tornado was getting closer. So I ran back to finish clearing under the stairs,and was calling my animals and my brothers (who don't even live with us) and the rest of the family to get under the stairs. Then we were all sitting in this tiny little thing under the stairs. The thing is the dream felt so real, I woke up in a panic!!!

THE REALITY The dreamers father had just died. She was feeling rather unsettled.

THE INTERPRETATION Tornadoes can capture your worries about the future. In this case the dream came shortly after her father had died so she was extremely unsettled about the future. The dream captures a sense of imminent danger and worries that something bad is going to happen. To lose a parent can make you feel very insecure about the future.

Symbolic Meanings
TORNADO : Worries about an uncertain future

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am worried about the future. My father has just died. I really do not know what will happen"

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