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Dream symbolism - unfamiliar place

THE DREAM I am in a place that seems rather distant and unfamiliar. I am walking through the house and seem to be doing something that I do not like. My sister is here and I talk with her briefly.

THE REALITY The dreamer had for a long time had problems with her foot. But now she was starting to realise that she maybe affected permanently. That this indeed was the start of her old age.

DREAM SYMBOLISM The night before the dreamer had been worrying a lot about her foot. The house and the surroundings were unfamiliar because the situation she was in was now very unfamiliar and difficult to handle.

The appearance of her sister symbolises an openness to these new situations and feelings. Sisters talk openly and express their feelings in great depth. This dream represented a new acceptance of her current situation regarding her health.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
UNFAMILIAR : "the dreamer is in an unfamiliar situation - in this case she is thinking that her health has been permanently damaged "
HOUSE : "the dreamers own body and health "
SISTER : "emotional openess - the dreamer was willing to accept that her health may be permanently damaged "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I need to get out of and about. I am in a bit of a rut. Maybe I should try something a little new and a bit different"

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