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Indian Chanting dream

THE DREAM Last night I dreamt for what seemed like hours. It started with me walking down a path and entering a wide open field. Across the field I could hear men chanting, they were Indians. There were 5 men and one woman. As I walked closer my heartbeat began to synchronize with the beats of their chant. I was invited in and began to chant. The woman of the group had her back to me as if I knew her. We went through two different chants. One which felt like healing. I don't know how to explain how I knew that but the other was like crossing or accepting. At the end of the second the man dressed in the most regalia stood, swooped a feather in front of me and stated, your loved one is safe with us. At that time the woman turned, it was the face of my recently deceased aunt. They began to all stand and walked in a group surrounding her chanting as they very slowly disappeared into the woods. I stood their and reflected upon them walking away. It was as if I could not move, I could not say anything. My heart beat calmed as they were gone.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION May 22, 2012 my aunt dies at the age of 52. She was troubled by health problems and extreme obesity. She was not an extremely religious person however she enjoyed native American history. These are not the first dreams for me that involve loved ones passed however this one was by far the most vivid. This is the first dream where I have been apart of the dream instead of being an observer. Most of my dreams are from a third person perspective. I obviously understand that this represents the release of her soul from what we know as living but the vividness of everything surrounding and chanting with them is my honest intrigue.

Iceberg Rose (POSTED June 20, 2012, 17: 3: 49)
I believe you have had a dream in the spirit. The duration of the dream, the chanting and the subject matter are the clues for me. I have also had dreams like this myself and relate to it.

As I read your dream I could feel the healing and the spiritual knowledge you have been given. It is nice you have been blessed this way and is very special you have shared it. Thank you - I pray you grow more in your awareness of these kind of truths.

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