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Flying with an eagle

Dreams will often be about thoughts on your mind from the day before. This dreamer had been thinking about the loss of her mother and sister. Try to think about the dream and its relevance to her thoughts the night before.

DREAM - Learning how to fly home with a eagle My dream was in black and white and reminded me of old photos. There was 3 or 4 lines of us doing some sort of a war / last stand dance in a dry dusty place holding a tall skinny pole with feathers along the right. I was thinking that we would never get so many of us together in such a group again. Then my dream jumped to a older man who told me to set my soul free and showed me how to move my hands and arms and I started to go higher then I was flying north west from the farm my Dad sold. The eagle was souring next to me towards the prettiest sunset ever. There was a lone tree and at that point I knew I was heading home.

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GUESSWORK The dreamer had been missing her mother and sister who had both died within 9 months of each other. She was also thinking about how she was the last woman in the family.

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1. HIDE. The dreamer had a tendency to hide and was very shy. A person in his dream called Peter Hide was probably a word play on his own tendency to hide away. 2. FREAK: The dream featured a creature that was described as a freak. The previous night the dreamer had been thinking of his own disabilities and particularly birth marks on his face which had always made him feel like a freak. He felt that he stood out for this reason.
3. CONDEMNED TO LIVE: The dreamer had often felt that his life had not been worth living. He felt he stood out because of terrible birth marks on his face. He felt that in many ways people with disabilities like this did not have a life worth living. So a dream where creature is condemned to live could easily be linked to that. The fact that the dreamer was thinking about his own disabilities in a very negative way the night before is a strong clue to the dream being about this.
4. NEIGHBOUR FROM CHILDHOOD: Dreams seem often to use symbols in random ways - why would a neighbour from childhood appear in a dream? Sometimes I think that neighbours from childhood or childhood homes could suggest that you are thinking about something that has been going on all your life. You could be thinking about a problem which has been ever present in your life. In this case the dream could be about the dreamers disabilities which have been ever present. This could be the minds way of saying "I have had this trouble all my life."

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers conversation with his father the night before. It seems to deal with the following themes
- feeling guilty
- Feeling like a freak
- A life that is not worth living

If you weave together the different themes then you find that the dream could easily capture this following feeling - "I have been missing my mother and sister who have both died in the last year. Family gathering will never be the same again - I have just realised that I am the last woman in the family."

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