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Earthquake crisis - dream analysis

THE DREAM I had a dream about the ground cracking like an earthquake, no matter which way I turned I saw nothing but trees falling on the highway and my neighborhood. Strangely I ran into my mom home and tried to put her and my uncle somewhere around the home safe. My mom and uncle are both deceased! When the quake and falling trees was over, I was safe and my mom's home was not touched. And if I remember correctly as I drove by the home I saw them safe in the backyard.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION At the time of the dream the dreamer was homeless. She was riding around with her husband in an 18 wheeler just to have somewhere to go. Her husband often treated her like a burden and was very mean most of the time. The dreamer was a caring type who would always enquire try to look after others as best she could. The dreamers daughter was staying with other relatives until they could find a home.

This dream is about an earthquake which could be an obvious symbol for her being homeless. A dream will use one crisis as a symbol for another crisis. It's the dream's way of saying "being homeless is like being in an earthquake" and with that "my whole world is turned upside down."

Notice how the dreamer is behaving during all this. She is thinking of others and trying to look after the vulnerable, her parents. That hints how she is coping with being homeless, she is thinking of others rather than herself.

Notice too how the dream features the dreamers deceased parents. That's probably significant. Her parents and the childhood home that she grew up in is all now in the past and long gone. That's maybe the dreams way of saying "I am trying to keep the sense of home alive in a situation where we have none."

Overall the dream probably captures this type of thought "I am trying to keep the spirit of home alive in a situation where we have no home. I want to play the role of mother protector but it's impossible."

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