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Cricket and football dream interpretation

THE DREAM I was playing football. I believed that I was winning. Then I realised that the game was actually cricket not football. In fact my team was bowling and the side batting had scored 1000 runs (and so they were losing badly).

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer had been thinking about all his addictions. He had managed to keep his bad habits under control for maybe one day or so. Yet time after time he realised that he was failing in the long run.


Symbolic Meanings
CRICKET : "A slow game played over a long period of time - signifying tasks over a long period of time"
FOOTBALL : "A fast moving game quickly over - signifying the dreamers attempts to cure his addictions in the short term "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been succeeding but not that much. I manage to cure my addictions in the short term. But I should be looking at my performance over the longer term. Now I realise that I do not do that well".

Try to see how new conceptual feelings are portrayed by the different dream symbols.

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