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In coming missile - dream symbolism

A dream about the end of the world took place as the dreamer was worried about his health and feared that he would never recover. So an end of the world dream was symbolic of the fears that his world was ending.

THE DREAM I was on the edge of some army camp in the countryside. We had just won apparently but I knew that we were going to be attacked again. I saw the incoming missiles or meteors (it felt like a biblical war). I decided that I should move or get hit. But I moved right into the missile or meteor. I was directly hit.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been having some really bad health problems and was now feeling very old and tired. He felt that this was the end and that his life was now over. Whatever, he could do it was still not enough. The meteors or missiles are symbols of his feeling that his world was over. At the start of the dream he is aware and doing everything possible yet he still gets killed. That portrays the feeling "no matter what I do I will not be able to overcome this illness". So clearly this apocalypse dream was a metaphor for the dreamers own chronic health. In real life he sensed it was the end of his life, and in the dream this translated into the end of the world.

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