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Dream - King has died

THE DREAM I dreamt about a King named Idendra. He was about to die.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been suffering badly from ill health. He had always been very fit and healthy. Now he realised that he was dependant on help from others to get him about. He had a lot less independence in his life.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer was an emotional turning point in his life. His ill health had reached such a point that he was really needing help from others. He had always been fiercely independent and this dream was about this loss of independence and sovereignty in his own life.

King Idendra is the name of a king in Nepal who recently had to relinquish absolute power.

Symbolic Meanings
DIE : "an ending - the dreamers absolute power to run his own life was being lost - he needed the help of others to do simple things"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I know I have got to ask for help now. I have always been able to do things myself and had absolute power over my life. Now my life is in the hands of others."

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