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Disgruntled soldiers dream

THE DREAM There were these disgruntled soldiers who were being asked to do something which seemed impossible. They were asked to go over a path over the North Sea. It was a dirt path from the continent to Britain. It seemed stupid yet they were soldiers so had to follow orders. Later the sea was rough and I remember the phrase "they have to be able to cope with the sea."

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The day after the dreamer was due to meet a relative who had roped him into helping out with a computer problem. Just recently the dreamers eyesight had deteriorated rapidly and he was trying to cut down his use of computers. He wanted to cancel this project which he had agreed to before his eyesight deteriorated. The dream seemed linked to this issue. The dream focused on the word "Sea" which seems to be a word play - "see" which links the dream to his eyesight. He felt very disgruntled like the soldiers asked to do something impossible. He felt obliged to continue which is a good metaphor for soldiers having to follow orders. The task seemed impossible to him just like the impossible task in reality.

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