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Actual end of times dream

THE DREAM I had several dreams about the end of times of end times. The first was some enigma type thing. Some apocalyptic cloud was descending on some of us totally engulfing us, they were small clouds just big enough to cover one person. I knew it was the end of the world. There was something about "for years" and "four years" I cannot remember exactly. Later I was reading about the end of times. I was reading about conspiracy theories and Jim was there, who is a real conspiracy theory expert. I googled the subject asking "what do I type in Apocalypse?" I was outside my house and my neighbour was giving me abuse like he always does. I was then thinking about how to send a message out to people to prove psychic powers. I was reading books on the apocalypse. I was then meeting people at a radio talking about end times. I was trying to knock over a rock with telekinetic energy. In the end I was having to head north in order to search out warmer weather, which was odd because we normally head south for better weather. We were marching north on our epic journey, several of us together.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had an alcohol problem and the previous day he was in very serious pain. He was starting to realise that his life was being ruined and that if he continued drinking then he might die. He was starting to think about how life would be if he continued drinking. He often felt he had a death wish and when he drank he felt that he was immortal (he could drink as much as he wanted and not die). He felt that he was protected and that no serious harm would come of him. He was not particularly religious and noticed that the dream used the phrase "End times" seemed unusual rather than apocalypse or "end of the world".

DREAM ANALYSIS: End of the world dreams are often linked to health issues. After all if you die then its the end of the world for you. So the dreamers drink problem seems to be the trigger of this dream.

It is likely that each portion of the dream mirrors some part of his emotions and thoughts about his current health problems.

The dreamer ended the dream making an "epic journey." That is really a metaphor for this crucial period of his life. A famous alcoholic might release a book featuring entitled "My epic journey through alcoholism." The "epic journey" in the dream works in the same way.

The dreams starts with a cloud descending and engulfing the dreamer. Notice that the cloud only covers one person. That's a symbol which clearly hints at the dream being "an end of the world FOR ME" rather than a straight "end of the world" dream. His alcoholism affected him and no one else.

What do the conspiracy theories mean? When something terrible happens immediately a conspiracy theory appears. Perhaps people need to explain something? Perhaps they have strange and deluded ideas. The same process is taking place here as the dreamer was deluded and was trying to explain his own illness within the context of his own paranoias and fantasies. He believed he was immortal.

The psychic powers and telekinesis works in the same way. The dreamer felt he could combat his illness with his own psychic powers.

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