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Dream - running slowly

THE DREAM - I was running along Valley Bridge with Mark. Mark is highly energetic (as usual). I was lagging behind steadily losing ground. I was slowing down. I could not keep up with his speed.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been very exhausted recently.It was starting to get to him and he was thinking of cutting back on his busy schedule. The man in the dream (Mark) was very energetic and hyperactive in real life, the dreamer had been similarly hyperactive in his younger years.

THE INTERPRETATION Some dreams are easy to understand. In this dream the dreamer was unable to keep the pace up. He was slowing down. This simply reflected real life as the dreamer was tired in real life. But we can read things into the symbolism. The dreamer is running in the dream. This hints at the dreamers tendency to hyperactivity. He had always been very hyper living life at a very fats pace.

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