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War zone dream

Dreams do not play out reality exactly - but they put us in situations which feature similar themes. In this way we can explore our emotions and thoughts in ways which allow us to refine our thoughts on key issues

THE DREAM I was majoring in Political Science and my goal was to help the liberty movement and inform young people. Later in the dream, Ron Paul ended up not getting the Republican nomination and there were drones flying constantly, cameras everywhere, and the entire country became a war zone anywhere you went (all of this within a week after elections). I then decided that I didn't want to major in Poli Sci any more and that I should go back to Marketing.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer posted some political comments on Facebook which he believed to be very serious and well researched. It provoked a huge response mostly from right wing people making ignorant comments. One response involved a very heated argument with a childhood friend. The dreamer felt overwhelmed by the whole thing and was obviously put off politics.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams are often very easy to solve. If you have just had some major confrontation in your life then the night after your dreams will almost certainly be linked to that issue. Therefore, this dream is almost certainly about the situation mentioned in real life. It features a literal link to the issue in that both the dream and real life mention politics in some way. Since the dream followed a day with major hostility then you would expect to see symbols which feature confrontation or chaos in some way. The fact that the dream takes place in a war zone therefore seems a good connection.

The early part of the dream deals with the dreamers new found interest in politics. The fact that he is studying politics also captures a key feeling that struck the dreamer - he was angry because comments made at him were ignorant and not well thought out whereas his opinions were well thought out and argued. So this connection with education and a wish to inform both capture the feeling that his opinions were intelligent and well thought out.

Symbolic Meanings
MAJORING IN POLITICS: "Majoring in politics was a literal symbol for the dreamers new found interest in politics whereby he posted some well thought out views on the internet"
WARZONE: "The huge and very nasty personal responses made the dreamer feel like he was in a war zone."
GOAL: "In real life the dreamer wanted to educate and inform with his posts on the internet. That was his goal - yet he felt as if it was all too much trouble after the hugely negative response he received."
INFORM: "The dreamer wishes to inform - this was a symbol for his attempts to think out a well researched view which he wished to post on the internet."
CAMERA'S EVERYWHERE: "Cameras being everywhere and other examples of a nightmare right wing society were linked to the hugely provocative and personal response that the dreamers political views had generated on the internet. The right wing takeover was not literally something that just happened - there was nothing in the mainstream news which linked to a major shift to the right. Rather this right wing takeover was a symbol of the huge right wing backlash which his views had generated. It felt as if there had been a right wing takeover."

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I made some political comments on Facebook yesterday. I was really interested in the subject and thought my views were very well thought out and informative. Yet I had a hugely negative and personal response mostly from right wing people"

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