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Nan disappears in tsunami - dream symbolism

Dreams play out the reality of our emotions. If we worry about something then our dreams can play out a worst possible scenario.

THE DREAM It started out with me, my mom and nan-nan at the beach. I left them there and my daughter and I were sock skating through a store. Then she turned into my friend Laura when she was a little girl. (she's 25 now, but I used to baby sit her when I was 16 and 17 and she was 6 and 7) and she wanted me to carry her and I told her "the thing about kids is, they get heavy." but I sort of tucked her under my arm and started skating really fast. Then she disappeared and I was outside. I was on top of a big mountain and I had real skates on and I was racing downhill. I was racing my friends Cate, Allie and Karen. Cate was winning. She was far ahead of us and we noticed that the road was "bottoming out" and flooding. Cate was getting closer to it and we yelled at her to come back. She heard us and started back uphill. The water kept rising and rising. Allie said "is it the sea? it must be the sea." We looked around and the ocean was just rising higher and higher. Not like the tsunami crashing. The water level just kept rising. It was gaining on Cate and just before she reached us, the water got her. We asked her if she can swim and she said no. I grabbed her hand and pulled her toward us. Then we all held hands and the water got us all. We were swimming uphill toward higher ground of course. How we stayed afloat with roller skates on while we were all holding hands, I have no clue. Then I remembered that I had left my mom and nan-nan down on the beach and that they must have surely drowned by now. I let my head go underwater. I wanted to die. Allie squeezed my hand. I pulled my head up and said "my nan-nan" and they all understood. Then I was on the beach again. I was looking for my mom and nan-nan. I found my nan-nan lying face down in the sand. She was wearing her dark red house coat and she wasn't breathing. I turned her over and told her to breathe and she started to breath. I was so relieved and I held her in my arms but started looking around for my mom. And I saw another nan-nan. She was wearing an old house dress and she wasn't breathing.

THE REALITY The day of the dream there was a severe thunderstorm where the dreamers nan-nan lives. By the time the dreamer had got in touch with her the storm had passed. Her nan-nan knew nothing about the storm. She said her dog was acting a bit strange and wanted to sit next to her. But as the nan-nan is half deaf both this death omen of her granddaughter and the storm passed totally unnoticed.

THE INTERPRETATION Often premonitions will come true on the very day of the dream. In this case the dream captured not the event but the dreamers overreaction to a storm. She was frantically worried. In symbolic form the dream captured this perfectly.

Firstly the dream featured the issue of baby-sitting. That perfectly matched real life as the dreamer was frantically trying to look after the best interest of her elderly Gran. It was extremely accurate as well as the baby-sitting also dealt with someone who was older. The girl the dreamer used to baby-sit was now beyond being tucked under her arms.

Waves in dreams and violent moving water symbolize feelings and thoughts which are out of control and liable to change. In this case this perfectly matched the symbols. The dreamers feelings changed very abruptly. She was worrying for no good reason. It was an event which the dreamers nan-nan did not even notice!

Most important the dream dealt with the worries about her nan-nan and that matched real life.

Symbolic Meanings
BABY-SIT : The baby sitting was a symbol of the dreamer worrying about someone they felt responsible for, who was extremely ill.
DROWN : Drowning was a symbol of extreme danger, which was highly rlevant in the dreamers emotions, as she feared for her grandmothers safety during a huge storm.
LITTLE GIRL : "not in control of the situation - her Gran is unable to cope with the situation"
TSUNAMI : "exaggerations in your mind - quickly changing opinions - getting carried away with thoughts"
TSUNAMI : "the dreamer fears her Nan will be swept away by the storm"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think that this dream was a premonition of the day of the dream. I was scared for my Grandmothers safety as the weather was very bad where she lives. I did not think she would cope. But actually she was safely tucked up and did not even hear the storms because she is deaf."

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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