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Brother falling - dream symbolism

The interesting thing about this dream is that it featured a disastrous event and then the dreamers brother in a quite random way.

THE DREAM I had a dream that he and I were falling from deep space- from the heavens. We could see earth like the astronauts do.. just a big blue ball. We were falling so very fast and we knew our death was imminent. There was nothing we could do. We said our good-byes and we hugged - We just accepted our fate. It was a long way down, and we could hardly breathe. When we reached earth, I felt my body hit the ground HARD, and then I went blank, in my dream I could actually feel this- I saw a grey haze almost like a tv screen - but then I woke up and was on a beach with white sand. My brother was gone.

I also had a dream of this same beach and it felt almost like it was a 'part 2' because it picked up where it left off. In this dream, I knew I had just awaken from that fall I mentioned above, and I was so happy to be alive. I got up, noticed (again) that my brother was gone, and started walking around. Wobbly at first, but then I was able to miraculously walk upright again. On this beach were several seashells- beautiful colorful seashells that were so lustrous they looked like they were made out of glass. I picked up a seashell that I was curious about, and it was in the shape of an elephant but when I picked it up it fell apart into thousands of tiny seashells, they were beautiful and it reminded me of pixie dust. It made me smile because it was beautiful aesthetic experience.

THE REALITY This dream was thought to be a premonition of the dreamers brother dying in a horrible car crash, which occurred a few months later. Her brother was only 24 and it is still not known if he was burned to death in the crashed car. The dreamer met her future husband at the same time as the crash and he was very supportive during this difficult time. Soon after they met they took a walk on a beach and he gave her a seashell.

THE INTERPRETATION Premonitions do not capture the reality of any given event they instead link to specific emotions. Obviously, the dream features the dreams brother so its easy to argue that the horrifying dream could be a premonition for the car crash which took place just months later. We might ask the question - why did the dream feature both the dreamer and her brother falling to their deaths? Dreams will capture our emotions and the key feeling for the dreamer was her horror at thinking her brother might have burned to death. So whilst she falls to earth with her brother she is experiencing and reliving that crash. So sharing the horror with her brother helps pinpoint that key feeling.

For the dreamer the two events (the death of her brother and meeting her future husband) were very much linked together. The second dream, captures the aftermath as the dreamer met her future husband. When she stepped onto the beach in Spain, she remembered the dream and knew this was important.

Premonitions do not really help us as they rarely allow people to change events. But knowing that something is meant to be is quite comforting. These two dreams capture the horror of the brothers car crash and then the beauty emerging out of horror as the dreamer met her future husband who helped her through those difficult times.

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