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Surrounded by black mist - dream analysis

This is an interesting telepathic dream as the dreamer (a young girl) picks up on some scary emotions from her mother (who was reading a horror novel at the time)

THE DREAM "I was surrounded by black misty things, like fog but alive. They were bad and hovering around the bed. They were trying to envelope me and take me with them. I didn't think I was asleep but I couldn't open my eyes. I knew my mother was close and then they went away."

THE REALITY The dreamer(seven years old) was laid sleeping beside her mother whilst she had the dream. Her mother was reading a book about spirits called Bodachs - evil spirits, black amorphous vapors. Much like the animated hell spirits in the movie Ghosts (Whoopie Goldberg & Patrick Swayze). Her mother was really captured by the book and could not put it down. Whilst her daughter was sleeping she sensed she was having a nightmare(she was tossing and turning) so placed her hand on her chest. This helped calm her down. Her mother had not described the book at all to her and had spoken with no one about it.

The dreamer seems to have tapped into her mothers emotions at the time. The spirits in the book seem to be exactly reproduced in the daughters dream.

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