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Dream - Jung's premonition of his mothers death

Jung believed in premonitions and he linked this frightening dream with the death of his mother which he heard of the next day.

THE DREAM - Carl Jung, the famous psychoanalyst, had a frightening dream. "I was in a forest - dense, gloomy fantastic,gigantic boulders lay about among huge jungle like trees. It was a heroic , primeval landscape. Suddenly I heard a piercing whistle that seemed to resound through the whole universe. My knees shook. Then there were crashings in the under brush, and a gigantic wolfhound with a fearful, gaping maw burst forth. At the sight of it, the blood froze in my veins. It tore past me, and I suddenly knew: the Wild Huntsman had commanded it to carry away a human soul. I awoke in sudden terror.

THE REALITY Carl Jung had this dream and the next morning he heard the news of his mothers death.

THE INTERPRETATION Carl Jung was a believer in precognitive dreams. It is easy to see why he saw this as a premonition. It was followed so suddenly by his mothers death. The wolf was linked quite clearly to human death.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
WILD HUNTSMAN COMMANDS: "Quite clearly a symbol of death - the wild huntsman commands the wolf to take away a human soul"
PRIMEVIL: "The symbols are larger than life - portraying something important."

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