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Cousin very sad during meal - dream analysis

THE DREAM I took my 4 cousins to a fast food restaurant, the atmosphere there was horrible, the food wasn't hygienic and suspicious people were all around. So, I went out side and saw another restaurant which was safer and hygienic. I went back to the restaurant, and told them that we were all going to the other one and we left. At the door I realized one of my cousins hadn't gotten up and was still sitting in the same place eating a salad, she looked very sad.

THE REALITY The dreamer spoke to them about a week after the dream and found out that her cousin who stayed behind in the dream was indeed having a hard time dealing with her father's illness. Their father is really sick. The fast food restaurant represented the dreamers uncle and the memories of him when he was okay. It was a place where he used to take us out to for lunch all the time.

THE INTERPRETATION Its always difficult to say if a dream is telepathic. But the dream does seem to link to a real incident that took place. It featured someone who was indeed having a hard time. Of course its up to the reader to decide.

The restaurant is not only a place which symbolises happy memories but its also quite symbolic in dreams. Restaurants can symbolise things that are feeding our minds. Restaurants can symbolise issues which everyone is thinking about and everyone is talking about. Hygienic food symbolises the need for some positive thoughts to cheer us up.

Symbolic meanings
RESTAURANT : "things that are on everyone's minds and which everyone is talking about "
HYGENIC FOOD: "thinking healthy positive thoughts about fathers illness"

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