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Dream - spooky breast implants premonition

THE DREAM - I had a dream my friend who lived across the country (I am in Michigan and she is in Vegas) we spoke only a few times a year. In my dream she told me she got breast implants and wanted me to feel them - I thought it was the funniest thing ever - so I called her and left her a message.

THE REALITY The dreamer thought that this dream was quite funny and so messaged her friend. However, her friend was upset by the dream. In eal life she had just had breast implants and had not told anyone. So she was shocked and upset when someone suddenly knew.

THE INTERPRETATION A strong premonition dream will link to some event or situation which was completely unpredictable. In this case the dream was highly literal so the symbolism does not need explaining. The dream seems a strong premonition because the dreamer had no knowledge or indication that her friend was getting implants.

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