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In wheelchair and cold bath - dream interpreting

The dreamer had no idea that his girlfriend would turn on him the next day so this dream seems to be some form of premonition or telepathy.

THE DREAM I see my girlfriend. She is in a wheelchair. She orders me to get into a very cold bath.

THE REALITY The next day the dreamer was cold shouldered by his girlfriend. She ignored him that day and for a longtime afterwards.

THE INTERPRETATION This can quite easily be seen as a telepathic dream or a dream involving some kind of precognition. The very next day the dreamers girlfriend suddenly stopped talking. She would not communicate in any way. Water often symbolises things which involve our minds. That can easily signify the emotional connection that exists in close relationships. However, cold water symbolises a lack of activity or lack of anything happening. In that way this symbolises the slow pace of affairs. Baths are symbolic of what we do in baths. We lie there and think through things. That signified the way the dreamers girlfriend had made him think - simply because she refused to talk to him. The wheelchair in this case was also symbolic. It showed how the dreamers girlfriend had disabled something - she had restricted all opportunities to talk.

Symbolic Meanings
BATH : "time to think about what you have done"
COLD : "a total lack of momentum - the dreamers girlfriend starts acting in a very cold distant way"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think this was a premonition of how my girlfriend treated me on the next day. She just totally cut me off. "

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