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Jogging dream

THE DREAM I was jogging an was just at the bottom of a big steep hill. I realised that this was too much and turned back. I was looking very athletic and young.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer was developing some serious health problems and was having to slow down. He had to know his own limits and start realising when he was exhausted. He was very hyperactive and often found it difficult to settle down and rest giving his ageing body a chance to rest.

DREAM ANALYSIS: If a dream seems to link to physical and health matters then it could be a dream about your health. Your dream mind constantly monitors your changing health. This dream deals with jogging which is an important health related theme. Young and fit people jog. Old and unfit people don't jog as much.

In the dream the dreamer realises that he cannot run up this steep hill and that its too much. That shows that he clearly is aware of his limits now.

The dreamer was hyperactive and often like he was full of energy. He did have this tendency to do too much. He ended up tired and exhausted.The dream seems to link to this exact thought "I know I am getting older and I have several health issues. Yet I am hyperactive and this often means that I do too much. Too often I forget my limits."

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