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Dream - prisoner killed by suffocation

This very dark dream simply reflects the dreamers dark personality.

THE DREAM The dream used to begin as a cartoon. The dream is of a factory, an evil factory where a supernatural force is plotting to kill a prisoner. The Prisoner is very scared, because he knows how he will die. It has always contained two people who are discussing his death. The prisoner tries to escape, but he is captured and tortured by either a conveyor belt crusher or a suffocation style execution.

THE REALITY When the dreamer was nine he developed an evil perspective on life. He would always think that people had problems that could only be solved with another problem.

As a background to the dream the dreamer was very direct as a child but people claimed that there was something more to this - that the devil was hiding within him. He was always dramatized as a child, beaten, abandoned, and medicated more than a child should be. He was taught by his mother that the only thing that kept him in check was the devil(this coming from a woman who's whole life is to smoke, drink and shoot up).

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams show the inner workings of the mind. This dream seems at least seems consistent with the way this dreamer saw the world. Perhaps the dream captured a moment when he felt as though one evil problem is to be replaced by another one.

Factories are usually symbols connected with the inner workings of the mind. They show us wondering why we think the way we think. So if this child is brought up against a backdrop of religion and a major emphasis on the devil then this will show up in his dreams. So the factory symbolises how he was viewing his own mind and looking deeply at how the circumstances within our life are constructed. Maybe the boy was having to look deep inside himself and see if he was possessed by the devil.

Notice that the dream is a cartoon. Cartoons are often linked to a simplified view of the world. That would certainly link to this view about evil. It is a highly deterministic view of the world - things happen in a set order.

The conveyor belt could symbolise the continuous nature of life's problems - one problem would be overcome but merely replaced by another one. Its easy to see how he started to believe this if he suffers a deprived upbringing.

The prisoner is symbolic of how the dreamer feels trapped in this world - he will not escape problems and if he does some new problem will be encountered. In fact this dreams probably links to a mild form of mental illness as a child. He was unable to free himself of the mindset that had been forced upon him.

Symbolic Meanings
CARTOON : "some way of thinking that is oversimplified"
DEATH : "the end of one phase and start of some new one - in this case if some problem is solved the dreamer expects another problem to emerge"
FACTORY : "understanding why we think the way we do - how we manufacture thoughts - in this case understanding the way evil is manufactured"
TWO : "mixed feelings about something "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have grown up in an abusive household and have always had some strange ideas on evil. I believe that if some problem is solved then life will present us with another problem"

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