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Dream - casual clothes and party

A dream in which the dreamer was wearing casual clothes took place when she was realising that she needed to have a more serious attitude (less casual) at work.

THE DREAM I dreamed last night that I was at a party with a bunch of people standing around a swimming pool visiting, drinking, munching on hors doevres. I think everyone was dressed in casual business clothes, but I was wearing long shorts, an oversized T-shirt and tennis shoes (I get to wear this kind of stuff to work).

I cannot remember exactly what happened, but I think someone young fell in the pool and I jumped in with my clothes on to save them, since I was not dressed up. Then I do remember being underwater and having a hard time coming up for air because my clothes and shoes were so heavy. I looked around while I was under water and there were other people in the pool wearing their nice clothes, but they seemed to be swimming and walking around the pool - not necessarily trying to save whoever fell in.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently got divorced and and out of a spiritually, verbally, emotionally abusive cult. She had been still trying to adjust back into normal society but recently had been slacking at work. She was now starting to realise this.

THE INTERPRETATION The setting for this dream is a swimming pool. Often they are symbols that we are looking inside ourselves. They often link to our own emotions and may symbolise how we a stuck inside our own feelings. The dreamer had recently been in an abusive religious cult. She was not totally recovered mentally and still was constantly monitoring her own behaviors and attempting to fit back into normal life.

The dream features business clothes and that maybe the clue to the dream. Business clothes maybe link with work. In this case the dreamer was wearing casual business clothes - the kind she wears for work. She had on an oversize T-shirt. Recently the dreamer was realising that she was taking too casual an attitude towards work. She perhaps needed to take things more seriously.

The food in the dream is Hors doevres. This is a rather elaborate and pretentious food. Perhaps in this dream we can suggest that the dreamer has been stuck in her own problems and thinking too much about the time since she left the cult. She maybe needs to get back to basics and take work more seriously.

The dreamer was perhaps still in a particular frame of mind. She was still wanting to "save the world" and save people from religious cults(including herself). When we are a victim of something we will tend to obsess about this. Yet now she maybe is thinking that she needs to come down a little and to truly adjust back into normal life.

Symbolic Meanings
BUSINESS : "serious attitude - the dreamer realises that others take a more serious attitude towards their work"
DRESSED : "unconscious signals you send to people"
HEAVY : "very serious - the dreamer was too caught up in her own recovery"
PARTY : "the dreamer is talking like its a party and not in a more appropriate business manner"
PEOPLE : "generalisations about what is appropriate behavior"
SWIMMING POOL : "your own close personal emotions - the dreamer thinks too much about herself and how she has changed since leaving the cult"
T-SHIRT : "a casual image towards something - the dreamer realises that she takes a casual attitude towards work"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I realise that I have to take a more professional attitude towards work. I have been thinking too much about myself and my problems since leaving the cult. I need to take work seriously"

See how the symbolic meanings link with an assessment of the dreamers need to change her own behavior

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