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Dreams about ex-boyfriend

THE DREAM In one of my dreams I am back in high school. For some reason I am looking for my ex-boyfriend to ask him out to prom. As I am looking for him, I keep getting distracted by other people. And he ends either walking off or going somewhere else.

In my second dream, me and him are walking in the woods with my niece. I step on a stick and my foot starts bleeding. I pull the stick out and he hands me a band-aid. I put it on and my foot just stopped bleeding. And the rest of the dream is a blur.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Me and him have been going through some stuff lately. He said he wanted to be with me again but changed his mind and said lets be friends. I only posted two dreams out of the many I have, I know that alot of my dreams are coming from worries I have about him. But these two stuck out the most.

Posted at September 11, 2012, 17:02 by goldengirl (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED September 11, 2012, 21: 2: 14)
Well if you are thinking about your ex then you will dream about him. It shows that you are trying to decide what your feelings are.

Each dream probably takes place as you are forming some new opinion - or changing the emphasis of your emotions.

You can almost see entire thought processes in each dream.

The first dream could portray this type of thought - "I do want to go back out with my ex but I keep getting distracted by something. I like to tell him just how I feel"

The second dream is more interesting. It could portray this thought - "I have these doubts about going back out with my ex. But he seems willing to help me overcome the problems"

You will note that the second dream features him helping you(getting a band aid) showing that he is sympathetic. Your bleeding probably shows that you have emotional pain linked to the break up

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