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THE DREAM - I was living in the wild, taking care of a panther cub and it used to protect me. Eventually someone else had him and he grew up to be very ferocious but he loved his other owner and seemed to have forgotten me. One day I came outside of my dwelling and saw a tiger waiting to pounce on me,I was so afraid and at the last moment, my panther jumped out and chased the tiger away to rescue me, I started to run and it turned in to a car and I was driving it until I got in to an altercation with a local Muslim terrorist in my country. He began chasing me. My mom was now in the dream,driving the car to get away. She drove to her ex husband's house and parked the car outside. We ran inside and saw that his flat house had a massive swimming pool inside it, it was so big,it has mazes,deep but I went into a small section that was very shallow but the water was a bit green and the ground felt mossy,I could not see through the water very well although I could see some things. There were many people there, one woman, of Latin descent was showing everyone her body, she was wearing black,laced lingerie and started to urinate over a toilet that was visible to all, she was grinning and blushing a lot. There was also a white man whom I found suspicious but I said nothing to my mother. This man started talking loudly and then said, 'You actually feel that you could escape us?' His tone raised and he looked in our direction. I immediately realised that he was one of the terrorist's men. I pulled out a pistol and fired it at him and took my mom by the hand and began running. My mom's ex husband's house now turned into a two storey house and without a moment's hesitation, I jumped down and fell in to a deep pool. My mom was shouting,' That pool has sharks!' But I was not worried or afraid, I quickly jumped out and encouraged my mom to do the same. I pulled out my pistol and shot a woman that was with the group against us and I pulled my mom along until we both got in to the car. She started driving again but I realised the terrorists knew where we were as a we drove along the road in the night time, all the buildings started to light up like Christmas time as though they had sensors to detect us as we drove by,we saw carnival rides lighting up as well. It was my idea to jump out the car and start running as we could be less easily seen on foot. My mom turned in to an old white man. I told him that I was best for us to leave the country. I suggested a plane but he thought a boat was the better choice. I let him persuade me and as we were running, I saw a ship in the distance on the dock. However,it was a way off from the shore and I could not swim, yet I was not afraid,only determined to escape from the terrorists. I asked the old man if he would help me swim and he agreed. However,as we got closer, I saw a man riding a bicycle coming from the ship's direction and singing as he passed us on the other side of the road. As we looked further ahead, the dream seemed to change and I was the spectator of a movie which seemed to be the Titanic. As I looked on, I saw a woman but I could not see her face very well but I knew she was Kate from the movie and she was holding a baby. The baby had an old face, wrinkled and ugly and I gasped as I saw the woman. She was old too and her face

GUESSWORK The previous night the dreamer saw a message on her boyfriends phone which was from a woman. She was hurt but did not lose her temper. She called him a liar and felt that problems were returning to the relationship. She thought of phoning an old boyfriend but resisted the urge. But she decided to end the relationship the next morning.

The "Guesswork" stage of interpreting a dream involves spotting issues likely to cause dreams. For help with this click here

1. PANTHER. The panther previously used to protect the dreamer. It now has a new owner and this leaves the dreamer with a sense of loss. That is an obvious metaphor for her boyfriend who she felt used to protect and love her but has now moved on.
2. TRAVEL. There seems to be many symbols of travel in the dream. Planes, cars and ships all symbolise the sense of movement in the dreamers mind as she wants to leave a relationship.
3. BEWARE OF SHARKS. There is a sense of danger in the dream. Perhaps this shows the dreamers worries about her course of action. It may represent her doubts about getting back together with a previous boyfriend. 4. TITANIC. Titanic is a very romantic and emotional film and here it goes horribly wrong. This probably represents her romantic feelings going wrong.
5. MAZE. The maze probably represents some kind of complex thinking. It could represent confusion and indecision about what she wants to do.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers thoughts about her boyfriend. The dream deals with the following themes
- No longer feeling special
- Misgivings about something
- romance gone wrong
- Get away from a problem

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"He is cheating on me! I used to think I was special but its not the case. I have some misgivings and doubts about leaving him. But there is no sense of romance any more."

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