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Paris Hilton drunk dream

THE DREAM we are back at my child hood home (a common theme in my dreaming last night) and I have no idea why Paris Hilton is at my house, in the dream there are no cameras or anything like it is a TV show, she is just staying with us for the weekend for some reason. Parts of my childhood house look like they are in the middle of being remodelled, but nothing is fully finished. We go down the stairs and into what is really my mom's bedroom in the house, but in this dream it is my room. We are hanging out and I am trying hard to think of things to talk about where I could relate to this girl. Finally I ask her if she would like to go to a night club. She says yes and she already is dressed for the night club so I have to get dressed. The whole time I am picking out my clothes, she is standing there watching me, looking at everything I hold up to decide on, but there is no expression on her face, so I don't know if she thinks I should wear it or not. In my dream I have this battle in my head over whether I should just wear the clothes I always wear, or if I should wear my one and only higher end shirt, a juicy couture shirt (I have this in real life, and it really is my only higher end label shirt, if any of you consider this higher end, I don't know!) that I had found at a thrift store. I go to start and get it out of the drawer, but then I stop and think that I don't know what season it is from and surely Paris will know that it's from three or four seasons ago and that would be worse than wearing up to date cheaper clothes. I decide to wear it anyway, and we leave for the club. The dream skips to the club scene, but it is like a carnival fair where every bar is outside and you walk up with tickets from the ticket booth to get your drinks. I am with Paris, my real life brother Jason, and some guys I don't know who is Paris' date. She is extremely intoxicated, and her date is trying to buy her three more shots of liquor. The bartender starts to get the drinks, but Paris falters and almost falls over, and the lady hands the tickets back, and says Paris has had enough for the night. I am really irritated with her, because our night is over prematurely because she can't hold her liquor. Her date says he has to go somewhere, and could we take Paris to the car, and he will meet us there. We start trying to help Paris towards where our car is parked, but she goes unconscious, so we are right by this tent with one of those picture taking machines in it, and we take and lay her in there, until my brother and I can drive the car over and get her in. When we go back to get her in, she is halfway back awake and her date is there holding her up on her feet and he is really ticked and says "What's wrong with you guys? You left her here unconscious! Are you crazy? Look, someone's done something to her. All her clothes are gone!!" And we feel horrible because she is only in her underwear and totally unaware, and someone had obviously done something to her, and we were responsible, because we had left her alone. Then the dream went to inside the tent we had left her in, and it was flashing like little scenes of all these different women in the tent who were drunk and being taken advantage of by different men, probably thirty different women flashed in my mind, none of which I know, and the last one to show was Paris. (In real life I don't care that much for Paris and would never have her as a guest in my home). (Interpreted on

THE REALITY On the very day of the dream the dreamer went to work and got a call from a neighboring store. She was told that her store was likely to get a visit from the district manager. She had a short time to fix what was wrong with the store. The store got a better audit score than the previous visit but the manager still found fault with several things.

THE INTERPRETATION The vast majority of premonitions are of the very day of the dream . They glimpse the emotions that the dreamer may feel on the very day of the dream . In this dream the dreamer has to deal with someone who has very high standards and also the need to impress. dream often use one symbol as a way of pointing to something else. Here the dreamer had to deal with the exact same themes in real life on the very day of the dream . She had to treat the district manager with the same sense of deference as Paris Hilton receives(simply for being rich and important).

The dream involves the dreamer making choices. Should she wear the one item of designer clothes that she possesses in her wardrobe. That is symbolic of her own choices and decisions she had to make in the short time she had to prepare for the visit. Should she concentrate on one item or should she try to give the whole store a quick tidy up. The dreamer is obviously having to devise some strategy and thinking through exactly what is the best way to impress her visitor.

The dream takes place in a nightclub. What could that symbolise in this context. In a nightclub loud music is playing and any real conversation is totally impossible. Perhaps that links to the situation the dreamer had to face. It is a very busy situation with lots going on. There is very little opportunity to really talk and hence to impress.

The dream deals with alcohol. In this sense the alcohol links to Paris Hilton and a total lack of control. In the dream things are getting out of hand. Sometimes alcohol can symbolise deluded thinking. But in this sense it maybe refers to the whole visit and how it becomes unmanageable and out of control. If Paris remained sober then maybe that shows that the visit is pushed in the direction that the dreamer wished. But out of control and drunken people are impossible to direct.

Later in the dream Paris is down to her underwear. She is almost naked in public. In that sense this mimics the day of the dream . The dreamer was vulnerable and open to anyone wishing to take advantage. In a surprise visit you are truly vulnerable.

The dream dealt with all the themes in the real life situation. It can easily be classed as a premonition. Of course its difficult to prove this. The dream had no obvious connection to work. But the point is that the emotions that she felt in the dream were identical - the same need to impress someone who is wildly out of control and who you do not really like.

Symbolic Meanings
CAMERA : "proof of something - the regional inspector tries to get a picture of the standards in the dreamers shop"
CRAZY : "unpredictability"
INTOXICATED : "do not let the regional inspector get out of control "
NIGHT CLUB : "a busy situation where you cannot really talk properly"
PARIS HILTON : "a need to impress - the dreamer needs to impress her regional inspector who marches in with the same air of self importance"
PICTURE : "see something in a particular way - portray something in a certain way"
THRIFT : "little time - not having much time to improve things. Make some simple improvements that can be achieved quickly to impress the inspector"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I think this was a premonition of the actual day of the dream . I had a surprise visit from a regional inspector. I had to impress her and make her feel important."

Could the dream have been a premonition of actual events that day?

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