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Psychic dream - Afghanistan helicopter went down

THE DREAM Two weeks ago, I dreamt twice in a row that a chopper would go down in Afghanistan. This in itself is not unheard of. I knew in which direction the helicopter would be facing, what it looked like, how far from the offices it would be and that someone would die.

THE REALITY Two weeks later the dreamer was online with her boyfriend who is posted in Afghanistan. Her brother is posted in the same place got online also. He interrupted saying that there was a crash and that the dreamers boyfriend would have to leave. He said a chopper went down. The dreamer then told him what the scene looked like to the letter. The only thing different being that the dreamers boyfriend was not on the chopper. The dreamers brother was astonished and asked "Are you here or something? How could you know?".

THE INTERPRETATION Premonitions can be very personal things. The dream mind records things from a very personal point of view. This dream was remarkably accurate yet in one sense completely wrong. The dreamers boyfriend was NOT killed. Yet for the dreamer every crash in Afghanistan is symbolic of the risks and dangers ever present. Each time a chopper goes down it could be either her brother or boyfriend in it. Therefore, each time it is personal.

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