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Impressive apartment dream - psychic premonition

THE DREAM - I am in a flat that I did not know that I had. It was very nice. It had the most wonderful view over the sea. I saw this wonderful and impressive plant. It was all very homely and I was thinking that I could live here. This was all in the south bay - the south part of town.

THE REALITY The dreamer by chance was offered a flat in the south part of town the next day.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams can seem to capture events which are just about to happen. So its always worth looking back over a day when something major and unexpected happens. This dream was really very literal. It featured a move to a new flat in the south part of town. The next day a move to this part of town became reality. The flat did not have the exact same view. But that view was one which would have been very familiar had the dreamer moved here.

People seem to believe that dreams reveal the future. That is only a half truth. This move never took place. But that very next day this move was a reality within the dreamers head. He was thinking over the implications of moving.

The dreamer had in fact interpreted this dream in a different way. Apartments can stand for our own personalities. So this was first seen as a personality dream. But one thing did not seem to fit with this - why did it take place in the south part of town? There was no good logical reason for this. No good symbolic meaning that made any sense. So this definitely fits better as a premonition.

Symbolic Meanings
NEW APPARTMENT : "The dreamer was offered by chance a new apartment the next day. "
DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "This was a premonition of me being offered a flat in the south part of town the next day"

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