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Cooking dream

THE DREAM I am in a caf No one seems to be in charge so when a group of customers come in then I move over to the cooker to do the cooking. I asked the three men if they could tell me their order and so I could start preparing to cook their meals. But they told me that they just wanted coffees. They did not want a meal. All three seemed to be people whom I do not get along with or who actively disliked me.

THE REALITY The dreamer worked in an office. He was trying to argue for a particular project. He felt change was needed as their was a lack of dynamism. However, although he could convince some people of his ideas he really needed to convince the people who were not his allies and friends. He had started to make attempts to present his ideas in an appealing way to sway those people.

THE INTERPRETATION In this dream the dreamer takes charge when no one takes control. That mimics the real life situation in which the organisation lacks any real energy. He tries to get on quickly with things yet is annoyed when he is not able to show is skills and ideas.

The three men are a symbol of freewill. Three men maybe a play on words e.g. "Free men". The dream might be making a point like "you have freedom to act. You can change things if you try!"

See how the dream deals with important themes in the dreamers life such as "negativity" as the dreamer faced a lot of negativity towards his ideas, or indeed any new ideas, at work. It's likely that the dream catches this thought "I am facing a lot of negativity towards my ideas at work."

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