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Naked dream and people laugh

This highly embarrassing yet funny dream perhaps suggested that the dreamer needed to take himself less seriously

THE DREAM I was getting showered and taking a lot of preparation to get ready for some important event, though I'm not quite sure what the important event is; I just know that I need to prepare for it. I put on my underwear, etc., and clothes, and then head out of my bedroom in my apartment. In the living room, I'm surprised to find my mom, my aunt (her sister) and my ex-girlfriend in the room waiting for me.

I ask what they're doing there, and they say they've come to see if I'm ready. My mom asks me a riddle to which I don't know the answer, or never know the answer. And just then, when I give the wrong answer, my belt magically undoes itself, the button to my pants shoots off and the zipper to my pants shoots down; of course, I'm looking down, and I watch as my pants fall immediately to the floor; but what's troubling is, I'm not wearing my usual boxers, but tight, flashy bikini underwear (neon green), and when I look up, highly embarrassed, my mom, aunt and ex are having a good laugh at my expense.

THE REALITY The dreamers mother talks about the dreamers need to lighten up and take himself less seriously. This dream replays an incident from several years before. His speedos fell down and he was left embarrassed. His mother and aunt felt that this was very funny.

THE INTERPRETATION The dream starts off in the dreamers bedroom and that often shows that the its about the very personal issues. Its about your intimate self.

The dream also features clothes in a very major way. Clothes often link to issues of our image and reputation. It links in with the signals that we send out. So this dream deals with how this person expresses himself and also how he comes across to others.

Perhaps the need for intense preparation shows that the dreamer is too serious and intense. He thinks too much about things.

One issue which came up with the dreamer is that he takes himself too seriously. His mother says this to him. So this could very well be the issue which the dream has been triggered by.

Perhaps the riddle is the most important symbol here. The dream then shows that this is an enigmatic and unfathomable piece of advice. Exactly how do you start to take yourself less seriously? Its a big question - what exactly does that mean in practice?

Symbolic Meanings
APARTMENT : "your approach to some issue on your mind"
BED : "your own very personal habits and peculiarities"
CLOTHES : "your image and reputation - how others see us"
LAUGH : "the fear of ridicule"
NAKEDNESS : "the dreamer does not like to let his guard down "
RIDDLE : "an issue where there is no clear answer in practice"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My mom keeps telling me to lighten up and take things less seriously. Am I really so serious? "

The dreams symbols represent a point of view - that the dreamer is too serious.

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