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Shark dream

Read this dream and then look through the background information posted. Try to see how the two are linked.

DREAM - shark mode I was a great white...I was cruising through the ocean passing through waves and it was almost like a game...I had to effortlessly swim through ocean waves an catch fish....but there were people in the water. As a shark I strayed away from the people and I knew I had to go catch fish but I just let the people be. I was observing the ocean. Then the current took me towards the people in the ocean. And they were in my I snugged them with my nose and went through them and gently scratched a man with my teeth to get they're attention to move out of my was so frustrating and almost fun that they were feared by me...they freaked out by my appearance... So I emerged as deep as I can and came out of the water as me...I turned human for them.

This dream was posted on on the February 22, 2013, 12:05 by Nejy. It was viewed 5 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:The day before I was having fun with my sister....i have a feeling this dream is about my unconscious thoughts of the day before that. I work at a bar as a cocktail waitress and am having some issues there now. Human resources called me about a receipt that I had mistakenly double entered because the bartender was making all other drinks but that one I ordered the first time. so I figured I didn't put it in and naturally made a new one. I had to cancel the original receipt. So she exclaimed why and how can this happen. The funny part was that a few days ago my bar manager asked me the same thing...and was a complete jerk about the way he asked. So I told HR about the receipt and how my boss rude and humiliating he he name bashes us to others...well I told her all the events of that night because frankly its like working with an emotional ex girlfriend...he is very catty and needs to subdue that ugly trait. So u see I think I was viewed as a shark....and I kept my distance at work from everyone...and the current was the bar manager telling HR on me about the receipt(because I called him out on his attitude) and HR got me closer to the swimmers and I snugged away from my co-workers and gently bit my bar manager and showed them I was just a normal one to fear....just back off of me with ridiculous crap. Honestly I would have never told HR he's an emotional man....but he pushed me to....soooo....SharkMode

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Thanks for that - I do not think I can add anything to your interpretation. Its a very interesting dream as I haven't read many shark dreams where the dreamer is the shark.

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