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Cats in huge house - dream symbolism

THE DREAM - I am in this house. Its a huge house and its absolutely filled with cats.

THE REALITY The dreamers daughter had recently been diagnosed with cancer. Prior to the illness the dreamer had had a dream about her daughter involving cats. This was a bad omen for her

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams can be premonitions of bad events. Yet just because one dream comes true it does not mean all dreams come true. Its always difficult to tell the difference between dreams which are precognitive and those which are entirely internal.

Yet this dreamer had dreams about cats before her daughters diagnosis with cancer. In a way she is on the look out for bad signs. So its probably these fears which have caused this dream. Its symbolic of her present obsession with bad omens. She sees cats everywhere because she worries about her daughter. She is reading meanings into every dream.

Symbolic Meanings
CATS : "cats have a quite personal meaning for the dreamer. She had a dream about cats before her daughters diagnosis with cancer. She fears such dreams. "
HUGE HOUSE : "The wider world and its effects"

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "I had that dream about cats. It was just before my daughter was diagnosed with cancer. I really fear these dreams. I am scared of dreaming right now because I am sure bad news will be revealed.".

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