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Poisonous snakes

THE DREAM I'm walking outside in the backyard, but at times it turns into the inside of my home. I see a group of 2 non poisonous snakes and 1 poison snake. they are emerging out of the ground just looking. It looks like they are almost roots. In the backyard, I see feathers of dead birds and fur of dead kittens.

the poison snake has the skin of the same fabric as a chair I gave to my son this week. I'm jumping around the house/backyard trying not to disturb as I figure a way to kill them. at one point, I'm standing too close in the nude to the poison snake. When I realize I'm too close, I move away. It doesn't strike, but just observes me.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION worried about son who is in relationship which was very volatile.

Posted at February 1, 2012, 06:03 by sweetwater5655 (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED February 1, 2012, 06: 3: 26)
Dreams use metaphors. In this case its easy to see what you have been thinking and how the metaphors work.

SNAKE: Often snakes represent difficult relationships and situations... that you fear someone may strike... confronting you

Here the snakes are of two types - poisonous and none poisonous. I think the poisonous snake represents the bad feeling and volatility that you sense in your sons girlfriend... the none poisonous snake is maybe symbolic of other parts of your relationship with her ... a little toxic yet she is someone that you can get along with

Dreams can use symbols in complex ways. I think this dream represents this feeling... "I sense some real volatility in my sons girlfriend and in their relationship. I feel like I am stepping on eggshells... always worried that I may upset them/her. Sometimes its not so bad... but I never feel comfortable"

Perhaps this represents some specific worry about this fabric you bought your son... worries that anything you do could cause problems...

Sweetwater5655 (POSTED February 1, 2012, 18: 3: 11)
thanks for taking the time to interpret. It was very useful.

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