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Intense beautiful smile - dream analysis

THE DREAM I was walking along a beautiful white sand beach with the bluest ocean ever, and there was this bright white light everywhere - all around me, but a good bright (not blinding). I heard children laughing and turned around to see my friend standing there (a man I am in love with and who loves me, but we are both married so can not be together). I couldn't see any children, but I could hear them. It was like I hadn't seen him for ages (maybe years) and suddenly we were together again on this deserted beach (the kind of beach we always said we would run away to). He was smiling and couldn't stop and he looked so beautiful - he hadn't changed a bit. I woke up with a feeling I couldn't shake.

THE REALITY Then the dreamer met the man in the dream that very morning for coffee and he looked like he had seen a ghost. He told her he had had a dream the previous night and then he described the exact dream. Right down to the laughter of children, and the bright white light.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream features this obvious coincidence with the man the dreamer is in love with having virtually exactly the same dream at exactly the same time. This could obviously be symbolic of some telepathy. Its up to the reader to judge.

But the dream itself is also important. The deserted beach that the dreamers said that they would always run away too. That's an extremely personal symbol bringing them together.

Beaches are symbols connected with our feelings. The land symbolises the reality of our lives whilst the sea symbolises our feelings. The beach then is where our feelings meet up with reality. This dream then fits very nicely in with the real life meeting that the two had. They examined their feelings and they looked at the real life situation and came to a decision after examining their own feelings.

Indeed the deserted beach maybe is also symbolic in that they are looking at the issue simply of their emotions for each other.

Symbolic Meanings
BEAUTIFUL : "an idea of perfection - the dreamer truly does love this woman"
CHILDREN : "excitements and enthusiasms"
WHITE : "clearness, clarity and understanding"

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