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Friend has lung cancer dream

You can tell a dream is about a subject because there will be little coincidences. This dream featured marriage and in real life the dreamer had been thinking about a friend who was getting married. The two might not seem connected but they are.

THE DREAM I have a friend in our youth group who is getting married. She is one of my good friends. I had a dream that my best friend had told me to go to the hospital to visit the friend that was getting married and cheer her up. In the dream she explains to me how she has lung cancer and that she isn't sure what she wants to do with her marriage. She says in the dream that she loves me and I can't quite frankly remember what I responded. Then she commented, "Its slow motion." All I could do was be in shock and confusion the whole time because I thought I was living the dream. Eventually I walked through a gym with stands around and a whole lot of kids walking around on top of the stands. Then I woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamers friend at youth group was getting married in real life. Recently she seemed depressed because her parents wanted to have a serious talk about something.

DREAM MEANING The dream has captured the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been thinking about my friend at youth group. She is getting married. I just wonder if she is too young to be married and that this will restrict her in so many ways. She will not have the freedom to do anything and its will probably end badly."

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams ponder the great dilemmas of our lives and of those people around us. In this case the dream is clearly related to her friend at youth group. With this friend there is clearly something happening in her life as she is getting married. So this dream can be simply about this girl and the dreamers thoughts about her situation.

What exactly could the symbols mean though? Well cancer is a symbol which is often easily understood. Cancer is a degenerative illness which in dreams tends to suggest that there is a fundamental problem with our lives. In this case its very relevant. The dreamers friend is getting married at a young age. Some people will argue that she is too young and that this is a major mistake.

There is also another clue in the lung cancer. Breathing is associated with the lung and difficulty breathing in dreams suggests that we are not comfortable and happy. In this case it is clearly relevant. The lung cancer symbolises the constraints that are placed on this girl because she is getting married. Taking such a decision at such an age can clearly affect your life.

The words slow motion are also maybe quite significant. It maybe suggesting that we need to slow things down a bit. That things are happening too quickly and its impossible to react properly.

So the dream does use some unusual symbols. But in dream language they all express emotions that are very relevant to this dreams friends situation

Symbolic Meanings
CANCER : "A fundamental flaw in the direction of her friends life - the decision to get married so young"
LUNG CANCER : "getting married so young will make life less comfortable. She will be unable to breathe so easily. Its too many restrictions at too early an age"
SLOW MOTION : "the decisions have been made too quickly"

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