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My deceased mother

THE DREAM Sunday, September 04, 2011

I have not had many dreams where my now dead mother has visited me but I have been waiting for one as I expected they may come from time to time.

In so many ways I only wanted to dream about Mum when she could be her real self and not be modified by my grief over her loss. It was nice when mum just arrived in my dream this week as if it was as natural as natural for her to visit me. She looked just like she did the week before she died only she could move in my dream.

I noticed how she moved as it was slowly and carefully but she was in charge of herself. I noticed her skin had that white glow of the dying to it and it looked so lovely to my eyes. The anaemia that is so often a companion to the dying can make the skin have a milky translucence to it that gives the skin a somewhat ethereal quality to it.

As I watched her moving in my dream I didn't disturb her. I just enjoyed watching her moving from here to there in her pale coloured nightdress much as she had in life looking at everything that pleased her. It was so nice to have her presence once again even though it was only in this dream state.

At the time I was dreaming I was not too focused on the content of my dreams that night. But once I saw her I focused intently on her and tried to recall every detail of her manner, her mood, her appearance and whether she was happy or not. It pleased me greatly she was just happy to wander through my dreams according to her own will.

After she had done as pleased her she wandered out of my dream and I found myself awake and intensely satisfied by this experience. It stayed with me all that day and filled me with peace.

I did not expect her to come again the next night and was surprised she visited briefly and looked exactly the same as the night before. I recalled once again the easy relationship we had and I wondered if I will ever have a relationship with anyone else like that again.

She did not visit as long this time and as I saw her leaving I noticed she had taken a baby with her this time. She seemed so happy to take it and I didn't mind as I didn't know it was mine. I never was one for babies anyway and mum always loved them so it seemed a win win to me.

That's all to these dreams. It was just so nice to recall my mother's presence and enjoy her once again. I had a sense this baby was not one I cared about as I didn't even know it was mine so it was no loss to me. In so many ways I was just glad she had found it and taken it with her. I knew it would be loved and well cared for and that mum would be so happy to have it.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION On this I have nothing to report. I have just been working steadily and nothing remarkable has come to my attention. In fact I haven't really noticed anything in particular as my life is pretty stable just now.

Posted at September 4, 2011, 05:07 by Iceberg Rose (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED September 5, 2011, 02: 1: 58) In many cases an emotional dream seems linked simply to those strong emotions within you. If you wake up feeling strong emotions then it may stay with you all day. Its not the dream that has caused it simply that your emotional state has come through. Your dream simply reflects this new mood within you. Perhaps you are in a place of reflection as things are going well. That the changes you spot in your mother reflect your own changes... you are 'IN CHARGE OF YOURSELF'.

Iceberg rose (POSTED September 5, 2011, 03: 1: 25) Thanks Unclesirbobby. I do feel more in charge of myself.

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