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Ingenuity dream

THE DREAM I was trying to organise something and trying to think what was best to do. I was using ingenuity and was highly involved in this. I woke up feel immensely sad and depressed feeling a huge burden and thinking of a friend who was getting radiation therapy for the first time. It was a very vivid dream when I woke up I kept receiving these images.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamers friend was having radiation therapy for cancer for the first time the next day. The dreamer had agreed to look after this friend whilst he was recovering from chemotherapy. The reality of his situation was starting to hit the dreamer as his friend would be pumped full of toxic chemicals the next day.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dream seems to have had two aspects. In one part of the dream he is planning and organizing. In the second part of the dream he simply thinks of his friend who will soon be very ill due to chemotherapy treatment. It seems likely that this dream linked to the dreamers thoughts about the next day. His mind was full of thoughts about the best way to plan for this situation. What should he feed his friend? What would be needed. His mind was turning to the next day and what would be needed. But also he was preparing himself emotionally for the poor state his friend would be. The dream seems to deal with these two themes and shows that he was thinking something like this "I have turned my attention to tomorrow and what will be needed. I will have to organise everything properly. I am sure it will be shocking. Chemotherapy knocks people for six and he will look bad tomorrow."

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