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Newcastle dream

Looked for the wider meanings of dream symbols. Yes the police will link to criminal activity in real life yet they could also symbolise thoughts like "she is in the wrong", "he is going to get found out" and "I need to stand up for what is right" all of which are linked by association with the police.

DREAM - Newcastle dream I was in Newcastle (a city I used to live in). I was in some unfamiliar streets. I did not know where I was and was trying to explore the city. I wanted to find some attractive areas. I was in this house. I was staying there a little. There was a man and woman there. I was told by the woman that I could not stay there because the man did not want it. He was wanting to call the police but did not because he was worried that he had broken some law too. So I left.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I have just found a new friend. She is a woman and I am male. I get on really well with her. She lives with her boyfriend and that's a little awkward. However, I am happy with her as a friend. I sense that her boyfriend does not want me around.



NEWCASTLE: Newcastle is a possible symbol for a new situation in your life. Any town with New in its name can be linked to new and exciting circumstances

MAN AND WOMAN: Dreams may use a man and woman to represent any man and woman situation. Its perfectly possible that the man and woman represent your friend and her boyfriend. It may relate to issues regarding them as a couple.

POLICE: Police often represent issues of law and order in our minds but in a much looser sense. The dream maybe about you breaking the rules as defined by your friends boyfriend. He has his own set of rules which must be 'policed'. So he maybe want to enforce such rules. That is rules in an informal sense. A rule for instance that women must not have male friends.

Notice as well that the man does not want the police there. That hints that he too feels he has broken rules... the rules regarding relationships are very tricky. It maybe that her boyfriend is against her having males friends but does not like to say so... it may show him as unreasonable. Dreams are often about how we set limits and boundaries in relationships.

I like to put the various symbolic meanings together and show how they represent complex feelings. Maybe this dream draws together the following thoughts - "I really like my new friendship. She is a woman and I am male but I am happy to be friends. She has a boyfriend and that makes things awkward as I sense he does not want me around. I don't think he likes to say that explicitly though as it would make him seem unreasonable"

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