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Terrorists - dream interpretation

THE DREAM There are terrorists. They are terrorising ordinary people. At the end of the dream the terrorists are getting ordinary people to do things they would not normally do. They are holding a gun to their head. They are getting the ordinary people to act convincingly so they can fool people. The terrorists were fighting back and winning.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had found out a friend had become deeply ill and was in psychiatric hospital. She went to visit her friend but was disturbed to see him so completely paranoid.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams represent ideas forming in our heads. So together symbols represent some reaction or thought. IN this case the dreamer visited a friend she had not seen for some time. The difference in behavior was startling. Her friend was completely paranoid and convinced that she was going to be killed. The dreamer had wondered how someone could get into such a state. She knew the pressure she was under had cracked her. But did she actually believe that she was going to be murdered.

The symbols seem definitely to be linked to this issue the day before. Terrorism signified the extreme pressure the dreamers friend was under. The dream seems to explore normal behavior in great detail. The ordinary people have been kidnapped and told to behave in a convincing way. The terrorists were extremely cunning and had put a gun to the head of ordinary people. They were then told to tell lies. Whilst talking to her friend in real life the dreamer had wondered if she actually believed these paranoid ramblings that she was coming out with. Did she believing this rubbish!

Symbolic Meanings
CONVINCINGLY: &" The dreamer was shocked at how totally convinced her friend was that people were going to murder her. &"
FIGHTING BACK: &" The dreamers friend was not responding to treatment - her paranoia was still winning.&"
ORDINARY PEOPLE: &" The ordinary people stand for normal everyday behavior - unlike the extreme forms of behavior exhibited by people in psychiatric hospital.&"
GUN TO HEAD: &"The dreamer is noticing how this friend had cracked under extreme pressure &"
TERRORIST: &" If there are terrorists then &"
WINNING: &" The terrorists are winning showing the dreamers friend was losing her battle with paranoia&"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - &"It was a real shock seeing my friend so ill in hospital. She was so paranoid. I am still convinced that she can get better. How can people start to think like that? She actually believed people were out to get her. She is not responding to treatment! &"

The dreams symbols represent some very deep thoughts the dreamer had explored about the nature of paranoia.

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