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Ignoring film star - dream symbolism

THE DREAM I was walking up this big hill in the Old town. I was going quite quickly but I was taking all these back alleyways. I realized that to speed up even more I would have to just go straight up the middle of the road.

I was at this party. There was an ageing actress from a soap opera whom I saw on TV last night. I jumped on a table and was acting stupidly. I jumped off ignoring her even though she spoke to me.

THE REALITY The dreamer had become obsessed about a woman. He had suffered bad depression because of this. He was so overwhelmed when he saw her that he ended up ignoring her. He tended to be very phobic as well avoiding all kinds of things which he found difficult to do.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams link to the issues which dominate our lives. Try making simple associations with a dream. This dreamer had a tendency to ignore a woman whom he was attracted to and had recently had a breakdown. He associated the way he ignored the film actress in the dream wit how he tended to ignore the woman he was attracted to. He was so overcome by her that he tended to make a fool of himself.

So that's one link to the dream. Its then important to see how other symbols are consistent. The dream involved a party and that probably has a symbolic meaning. In this case it represents the dreamers need to be more sociable - parties involve a need to be more relaxed and friendly. These were precisely the sorts of behavior the dreamer wanted to exhibit.

The dream also featured a series of back alleys. The dreamer was very phobic - lacking in many basic social skills. The alley ways represent his need to be less secretive and avoid difficult situations. He had a tendency to take a route which was free from public view.

In the dream he seems to be recognizing his speed. In real life he was approaching life in a much faster and confident way. He had just started to get over a breakdown and was starting to get back to normal.

Dream Symbolism
HILL : "The dreamer had started getting back to normal after a breakdown. The speed which he coped with the hill was symbolic of he improvement in health"
IGNORE:"A literal symbol - the dreamer tended to ignore this woman he was attracted to and make a fool of himself"
FAMOUS PERSON:"The dreamer was a secret admirer of a woman at work. She was as intimidating as a famous actress."
PARTY:"The dreamer wanted to be more sociable and friendly towards this woman - these are the sorts of behavior common at parties"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am starting to get over my breakdown. I am obsessed about this woman at work and I do just make a fool of myself by ignoring her."

Try to see how the symbolic meanings weave together to form an insight into the dreamers own behavior

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