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Alien spaceship crashes to earth -dream meaning

A dream where the dreamer meets aliens was linked to the dreamer being forward thinking and open to new ideas. The aliens symbolised his interest in new and more advanced ideas.(aliens are very advanced)

THE DREAM - In the dream me and some people including my mum we were standing on a field and then we saw lights in the sky. People started shouting out UFO'S and then the light crashed to the ground, then everyone started running to it and the Aliens came out. People ran away but I ran to it and I told one of the alien's to take me with them which they did.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently been doing a lot of research into other things that people don't believe in. He believes in Worlds beyond our own.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer was interested in UFO's but had not been researching them just recently. He had been interested in other similar unknown phenomena though.

Notice that the dreamer greets the aliens. This shows his attitude to the unknown. Many people would be scared to death by aliens but he greets them showing he is positive towards new worlds and people. It taps into his interest in the unknown in this type of thought "I am very interested in the unknown right now." and in particular "the unknown does not scare me. I think we can explore these fascinating subjects and grow as people."

Symbolic Meanings
ALIENS : Recently the dreamer had been investigating the unknown but not aliens. The aliens represented his interest in the unknown generally at that time.
DREAMER GREETS ALIENS : The dreamer is positive towards new ideas and the unknown rather than scared.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - " I am highly interested in investigating others worlds. These things do not scare me - I believe that we can tap into our own higher energies. "

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