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Dream analysis - swimming pool and lose purse

THE DREAM - I was in a car with some people I didn't know very well. We ended up at my ex-lover's house. They were having a party there and had decided to flood the living room and go swimming. I wanted to join but I thought the water might be too dirty, and I was afraid of leaving my purse in the car of the people I didn't know. I wanted to be sure I could get it back in case I didn't like the situation and wanted to go home on foot. I decided it was safe to leave my purse, so I went into the house. They had just drained it because the owner (my ex-lover) was supposed to be at work. There was old-fashioned thick white carpet, it was soggy. But they decided, heck with it, let's do it one more time. They flooded the house again, about 2 feet of water which was flowing pretty fast in a circle. Everyone was in underwear and t-shirts, floating in the water and tumbling over each other. I felt relaxed and happy. I didn't have any uncomfortable emotions about my ex-lover and I didn't see him there.

THE REALITY The dreamer spent the whole of the previous day and most of the last couple of weeks trying to decide whether to move in with her boyfriend. She was in love with him, but the relationship was quite new. She was scared of the relationship going wrong. She also did not want to appear to be taking advantage of him, or of losing her self-respect by taking this "easy way out" of her financial problems.

THE INTERPRETATION If something big happens the day before its always best to see the dream as linking to that. Sometimes nothing actually happens yet our minds are totally focused on one big decision. This was the case with this dreamer who had to decide that day if she should move in with her boyfriend. Through such dreams like this we can begin to learn how dream symbolism works. The dream is surely about this situation. So its just a matter of seeing how the symbols work.

The dream revolves around her purse and house keys. From this we can guess likely ways in which this links to real life. The house keys are used to get into the house. If you leave house keys with someone you have to really trust them. She is probably asking herself questions like "can I trust my boyfriend enough to live with him?"

Another key symbol here is the ex boyfriend. So the dreamer could be asking herself questions like "what happens if the relationship breaks up". Things might be going OK now but what happens if things go badly? Essentially she is asking herself what the chances are of her present boyfriend becoming her ex boyfriend.

Indeed the dream almost even spells the vital question out in this portion "I wanted to be sure I could get it back in case I didn't like the situation". Its about what happens if things go wrong. Dreams will feature vital portions like this which will also spell out the dreams meaning.

In the dream she never sees her ex boyfriend. That's a good sign showing that she feels positive about the move. The dream decided to move into her boyfriends house and the dream probably was linked to that decision. It was largely a positive dream and that probably shows how relaxed and happy she was in making this decision. It was a very easy decision to make - though she had to be sure given the importance of the decision.

Symbolic Meanings
EX-BOYFRIEND : "The dreamer is assessing how likely her new boyfriend is to become an ex boyfriend - especially if they move in together"
LEAVE PURSE BEHIND: "The dreamer is wondering how much she can trust her new boyfriend"
HOUSE KEYS : "The dreamers need for independence "
NEVER SEES BOYFRIEND : "A good sign - ex's are linked to bitterness and hassles "
RELAXED AND HAPPY : "The dreamer actually feels fairly happy about moving in with her boyfriend. She has doubts but these are not strong."
PEOPLE I don't KNOW : "unknown territory - not knowing her boyfriend very well. Not sure how he will behave "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have to decide by tomorrow if I should move in with my boyfriend. I a worried what happens if things go wrong. But I feel that I can trust him enough to let go of some of my independence to him right now, knowing I can always get it back later."

See how the dreams meaning links to the individual symbolic meanings. See if you can link the symbols in your dream to reality.

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