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Mother warning - dream analysis

Dreams are like stories from the bible. They seem to have no relevance to reality yet the morals contained within them mirror real life. This dream is very much like that.

THE DREAM I was in a kind of school or nursery. There was a woman there who was trying to get a child to come to her - she seemed to be whistling really loudly attracting their attention. She seemed OK but there were some mothers or teachers there who saw the children about to go to the woman and immediately had words with them. They were saying that they should not talk to strangers. The woman seemed OK and I had the feeling that she was OK. I got the feeling that the teacher or mother was trying to teach the children that they should never speak to strangers. They were kind of warning them about paedophiles and things like that. I then heard this voice - it was the voice of this teacher or professor who said that this was very enlightened. In this case it seemed as if this action was a little exaggerated because the woman was no threat to the child. But I also recognised that the teacher or mother was trying to teach the child to behave correctly.

GUESSWORK The dreamer had a friend who is highly autistic. The dreamer had a tendency to give in to his friends nagging. Another friend had seen him give in to his autistic friend and started saying it was not good to keep giving in to him. His autistic friend had to learn how to behave properly. This was a very responsible way of thinking and the dreamer learned this lesson. The dreamer had gained an important insight.

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1. Teacher or mother: Teachers and mothers are both professionals who look after children. They both know how to treat children. They both know best about what is the best way to discipline children. In real life the dreamer had been given advice on how best to treat his child like friend.
2. Paedophiles: Paedophiles in the dream seems to link in no way to real life. However, the storyline about paedophiles was just a sideline. The situation the day before was very similar to the situation in the dream. In real life the dreamer did not feel as if there was any harm in allowing his autistic friend to get away with things. However, the teacher/mother was thinking more in the long term. It was important to teach the child more for the long term. In real life the dreamer felt that there was no immediate danger in giving into his friend. However, his other friend felt it was more important to teach his autistic friend the correct way of doing things because they might get into danger (symbolised by the paedophiles).
3. Children: The dream revolved around children and how you should teach them correct behaviour. The dreamers autistic friend was known for his childish and immature behaviour. If someone behaves continually like a child then you should treat them like a child.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers conversation about how to treat his autistic friend. It dealt with the following themes
- Teaching correct behaviour for child like behaviour

If you weave together the different themes and relate the dream to real life you find that it perfectly portrays this thought - "I listened to my friends opinions bout how to treat my autistic friend. I always felt that there was no harm in giving into him. Instead I have been teaching him how to do things the wrong way. I was reinforcing bad behaviour."

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