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Man and icy pathway - dream interpreting

THE DREAM - I see my sister. I am talking to her near my childhood home. Then suddenly there is this man. She was on the road actually sat on him. He then appears. I show some surprise. I am then going down the street but overshoot the entrance to my parents street - just going down the road with my own momentum. I am going down the crescent near my childhood home. The path is icy. I cannot move quick though because there are just patches of ice so I cannot slide along easily.

THE REALITY The dreamer was recovering from illness at the time. He was unable to move very quickly because of a bad back. He wanted to spend the time off while sick to have some fun and relax.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer had pulled a muscle in his back. The way he overshoots the entrance to his childhood street mimicked the way he was unable to move in real life. He was unable to move from side to side much. Snow and frost symbolises a lack of energy and focus.

Snow is very cold and symbolises a slow pace and inability to move quickly. Coldness slows us down.

Symbolic Meanings
ICY : "unable to move quickly - a slow pace - the dreamer is unable to move at all due to a bad back"
SISTER : "think openly and freely on a subject - in this case accepting that his back is badly injured"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been off sick with a bad back. I was hoping to spend some time doing something I liked but right now I can hardly even move."

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